"I'm a 40 year old mother of three and I've never felt better or been in better condition!

I've lost almost thirty pounds in the last 18 months with personal training and more attention to what I am eating, but without any "dieting". I love Jason's training style. He makes me work hard, responds to my needs, and gets me results. I think anyone would be lucky to have him as their trainer."

Financial Services Consultant

"I'm a fitness professional and a Category 2 competitive bike racer.

I've always been a fan of boxing and decided to start training with Jason to cross train during the off-season. It's been a wonderful experience. Jason is equal parts serious athlete, motivator and great teacher. In 6 months I've come full circle with my skills.

Now I drive my fiancé crazy shadow boxing in the mirror any chance I get. My core strength, which was already good, has increased considerably and his training is the reason. I would highly recommend his program and consider him one of the most knowledgeable fitness professionals in the NYC area. "

Innervation Fitness
Innervation/ Stan's NoTubes Women's Racing Team

"Since training with Jason I have become physically stronger and have had both men AND women comment on my biceps (while dancing salsa).  When I started, I couldn't do one push up, now I can do 19 1/2!

I have shed inches in all the right places. Jason makes you believe you can do the impossible... sets of 100 crunches, 100 sit ups...like we say in class "we like it, we love it, we want more of it!"

Plus, he is kind hearted with a great sense of humor. Not only do we get the benefit of getting fit, we do so while laughing!  I am a RN with energy to spare thanks to "the" Quick."


"I’ve been training in the martial arts for 10 years.

After competing successfully in a point fighting tournament I decided to start training for a full contact competition last year. A friend recommended Jason Quick to me as a trainer since he’s a seasoned martial artist & professional boxer. Over the last year my stamina, strength, and skill level have significantly improved to the point that sparring partners have remarked on my development and asked me with whom I train.

Jason is the rare combination of a person who is both a talented athlete and teacher. Workouts are tailored to myskill level and need, and while challenging they are always enjoyable. When I injured my back earlier this year Jason developed an exercise regimen that got me back on track. His encouragement and support as a trainer goes beyond anything that I’ve experienced in my years of training."

Compliance Manager

"Jason Quick has made me fall in love with working out. In the past, I had horrible experiences with personal trainers and refused to join gyms because of their training methodology.

As a former Professional Contemporary Dancer who toured the world dancing and teaching, when I transitioned into an office job, I gained weight, my muscle mass changed and I overall became extremely insecure about my body. I hated the way I looked and the glory days of being fit felt so long ago.

In January 2011, I was invited to take a class at Triomph Fitness•Health•Wellness Center. I explored many classes there before having the courage to take Jason’s class in April. The first thing I loved about Jason was his awareness on proper alignment (could relate from a dancer perspective), his ability to push me by helping me realize my own potential, his calm demeanor with a blast of Drill Sergeant, his philosophy that “We’re not here to get into shape, we are here to get in condition, because we already have a shape” took each workout to another level. I was no longer worried about how much I was losing in pounds, but I was more impressed by how many push-ups or sit-ups I could do after a couple of sessions. As I continue to train with Jason, I’m more in tuned with my body, mind and spirit. Jason is my inspiration as well as the monkey on my back making sure I master push-ups.

Casting Director, Brooklyn, NY

"Training with Jason has done more for my overall physical conditioning than anything I've ever done for myself, and I've always been an athlete and active person.

I love the way he switches up our workouts to make sure we're covering all the bases, from strength to endurance to speed, and everything in between. I learn something new from him every time we work out--he's a walking encyclopedia of knowledge when
it comes to fitness.

Besides the physical benefits, training with Jason has had tremendous mental and spiritual benefits for me. I began working with him at one of the most difficult times in my life, and from the beginning he inspired me with his focus and encouragement and unwavering belief that I could achieve the goals he set for me in our workouts, even when I doubted myself. I definitely believe that there is a reason that Jason came into my life when he did.

Lastly, it certainly doesn't hurt that Jason is quite possibly the most physically fit person I've ever seen! And his external fitness is rivaled only by his quiet strength, centeredness and kindness. Simply put, he's the best."

Marketing Communications, Vice President, New York NY

"I signed up for Quick’s class because I was interested in learning how to make my muscle show without adding a whole lot of mass and spending hours every day in the weight room.

I always had a decent amount of muscle mass for my size and weight but it was always covered up with fat. My goal was to burn away the excess so my muscles can shine.

The Jason Quick’s Boxing class was an excellent fit for me because it really challenged me with high intensity cardio, muscle recruitment, resistance training and ‘self defense’. Every class we were introduced to something new and fun. Quick kept the class fun yet rigorous, allowing us practice with students, using the techniques we learned, edging on being competitive. While at the same time, if you were up for the challenge - we'd take it to the next level with ‘Bully Tactics’, sparring with the Champ himself.

Quick is great instructor and passionate about what he does. I didn’t leave the class the same way I walked in – both physically and mentally. Now I’m tighter, leaner, stronger, and wealthier than when I began.

Quick, "Left Right-Hook Right!!!"

Project Manager, NYC

"I had only been working out with Jason Quick of Quickboxing for about 6 - 8 weeks, when I started seeing results.

I have worked with other trainers, but have found Jason to be the right combination of presenting a challenge at every session, and finding out what is right for you.

It is never too easy, and never too hard, always just right. He makes me want to come back the next week, and do it all again. He has a calm and fun manner, so that it is never too much pressure, and he always changes up the routine, so you never do the same thing twice.

I especially love the boxing, as it gives me a great core and cardio workout, and it helps get my aggressions out! Jason is also a great example as a trainer, because it is obvious he practices what he preaches. I would highly recommend Jason as a personal trainer!!!


"Jason is by far the best trainer I ever encountered. He is passionate about what he does, respectful, professional and is very knowledgeable when it comes to exercise and training.

What's different between Jason and your typical trainer is that he actually cares about YOU as his client. He's tough- he'll definitely push you beyond your comfort level yet at the same time, he is very encouraging. He'll come along side you while training even- which is great motivation for me. Bottom line is Jason is dedicated to getting you fit. He is an excellent trainer and after about a month of taking classes with Jason, I felt healthier, stronger and totally liked the way I felt.

Graphic / Web Designer, prior training at LA Fitness

"I have been searching for a work out like this and I am so happy I found Jason’s boot camp class.

The classes are well rounded and I always feel like I am getting a well thought out and thorough work out. The classes are extremely challenging but not impossible to get through like some other boot camp classes I have been a part of.

As long as you are willing to put in as much effort as Jason does then you will be successful. He also pays a lot of attention to form which means I am less likely to hurt myself both in and out of class. I recently got married and this was a perfect pre (and post) WEDDING DRESS workout!

Thanks Jason! "


"I'm a Professional Fighter who, after a wrist injury and shoulder injury was forced to be out of the ring for a while.

After months of inactivity I started looking like a couch potato. I immediately called my buddy Jason Quick, a fellow Professional Fighter, so I can get my butt whipped back in fighting shape. He knew exactly what I needed to work on. In only 2 weeks of pain and torture the results were obvious. The workout style of Quickboxing worked wonders and made this skeptic A BELIEVER!!! I urge other Professional Athletes like myself to give him a try. Thanks Jason"

Professional Boxer Ranked Super Middleweight

"After my session I realized why he's so talked about.

I've heard a lot of hype about this guy Jason Quick & Quickboxing so I thought I'd try it out. After my session I realized why he's so talked about. Since training with Jason I've become faster, stronger & more determined. Best trainer out, PERIOD!!!!"

Concierge New York NY

"I have been working with Jason for a year and a half and can say that he has made a huge impact on my life.

Jason's work-outs are amazing - he always has a carefully prepared plan - perhaps part of a master plan, to make you stronger and healthier.

Whether its boxing, kick-boxing, cardio, ab work or TRX, each work-out is different and seems to follow an internal logic.

Jason also carefully explains which muscles are being engaged in a particular exercise and how that fits into the bigger picture. He has a deep understanding of nutrition, how to plan meals around exercise, and how to integrate this into the workout in order to maximize the efficacy of the time you spend in the gym."

Attorney NYC

"Anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT the one to exercise.

I spent all of my years in school avoiding gym class. I refused to climb the rope, kick a ball or lift a weight. I would "forget" my gym uniform just so I could be excused to go to the band room. So, what gets me up at 5:30am in the morning 2-3x a week to go work out? Jason Quick's BootCamp! I've been going since early summer and it's one of the BEST things I've ever done. Yes, Nathalie Jean-Louis, actually enjoys working out. Jason works us hard. I'm exercising muscles that I didn't even know existed in my body. LOL… Jason's enthusiasm, encouraging words and overall positive energy is definitely motivating. As I run to catch the train in busy NYC, I'm no longer struggling to catch my breath. Instead, I think to myself, "Thank God for Jason!"

Neighbors Together program Director NYC

"...it was about finding someone with a personality that would truly motivate me.

I've had the pleasure of training with Jason since February 2011. I had recently begun taking classes at Triomph when I noticed him training someone in boxing.

My love of boxing had led me to many places and many classes, all of which were disappointing. I asked Jason about personal training with a focus on boxing. He said that he would tailor make the workouts to be a mix of conditioning and boxing, which was exactly what I was looking for.

I was interested in personal training because I had hit a wall with my workouts and my weight. Throughout the first 5 months of training, I lost 8 inches and 5 pounds! Every single workout was different, well planned and fun. I'm the type of person that gets bored very easily and I can honestly say I have never been bored once while training with Jason.

For me, it wasn't only about finding someone knowledgeable and someone who would push me, it was about finding someone with a personality that would truly motivate me. With Jason you get the whole package. He listens and devotes the entire time to you. Even if it simply to stand next to you on the treadmill, he's there. He is always checking in reminding you to breathe and reminding you to have fun!

Jason is super professional, always ready on time and always willing to give those few extra minutes if he has them. He shows me stretches when something is bothering me, gives me exercises to do to strengthen certain areas and gives advice on equipment and such. And he does all of this with a Southern charm!

Now I can't compare him to any other personal trainer since I haven't had one before, but I can say that I don't want to ever train with anyone else. In the past I told myself I couldn't afford a personal trainer, but it is all about budgeting it in because it's important. Once I had started training with Jason I knew that I wanted to make it a priority always. "

Artist, Dance Teacher, Brooklyn NY

"Jason Quick is not only a master trainer he's a master motivator.

It's rare to find a trainer that can truly meet you where you are mentally, emotionally and spiritually and find a way to get you going but also challenge you to give your all when you don't feel you can do another push up, or you feel there's nothing left to give.

That's not just skill, talent or training. It's a calling. This man is the truth, and you will not only see physical results you'll see a drastic shift in the way you think and your approach to health."

Actress, Model, Life Coach